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Upcoming Availability

With only 25 units, availability at 4000 Ingersoll is uncommon. 

When there is an upcoming availability, the unit will be posted here:

- No Available Units -


In Addition to 4000 Ingersoll...

Newbury Living (Developer/Owner/Management) and ASK Studio (Architect) are completing the next joint project in the 4000 Ingersoll style.  

The James ( is located 2 blocks away at 3707 Grand Avenue with 56 units.  It has a variety of amenities such as a courtyard with outdoor fireplace, rooftop patio, and a large fitness center.

Like 4000 Ingersoll, these are luxury apartments which are pet friendly, not age limited, high-end alternatives for convenience and flexibility compared to condo or home ownership.

The James opens at the end of March, and has a variety of floor plans available.

Contact Cole Taggart at 515-393-0039 or for more information.

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